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Our goal is to contribute to the general knowledge of local weather and provide data that helps create accurate and timely weather warnings and forecasts.

MeteoTielt, also known as Weather Station Tielt, is a local weather station located in the picturesque West Flemish city of Tielt. Our weather station's main task is to accurately record current weather data in the region, such as temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, precipitation, air quality and other meteorological parameters.

Although MeteoTielt does not make forecasts, it plays an essential role in providing current and historical meteorological data to professional meteorological channels, such as the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) and other weather forecasting services. This data is invaluable to meteorologists, climatologists and scientists who need reliable information to improve weather forecasts and better understand the region's weather.

MeteoTielt contributes to the general knowledge of local weather in Tielt and provides data that helps create accurate and timely weather warnings and forecasts. This local weather station is an important link in the wider network of meteorological observation points, contributing to the general understanding and safety of the region's weather.

Weather alert

Weather alert is a meteorological alert page that provides the most relevant information.

Air quality

MeteoTielt closely monitors the air quality in Tielt. By using advanced measuring instruments. 

Rain radar

We use radar and satellite to visualize current precipitation. A weather map shows the location of precipitation and/or thunderstorms. 

Weather map

The interactive Windy weather map is a very user-friendly tool to visualize weather forecasts. 

Weather station Tielt

The main task of Weather Station Tielt is to accurately record current weather data.


The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium provides reliable services based on research, innovation and continuity. 

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