Overview February 2024

A Month of Fluctuations

February 2024 brought a whirlwind of weather conditions to our region. From stormy winds to abundant rainfall, it was a month of extremes. Let's take a look at the key meteorological events that characterized the past 29 days.


February brought a significant amount of precipitation, totaling 118.6 mm spread over 21 days of the month. These continuous rain showers undoubtedly impacted various aspects of daily life, from agriculture to city traffic.


The average temperature for February was 8.6 degrees Celsius. Although this aligns with typical winter temperatures, we were treated to some surprisingly warm days. The maximum temperature peaked at 16.3 degrees Celsius, while the mercury dropped to a minimum of 2.9 degrees Celsius on cold nights.

Windy Weather

The wind was a prominent player in February's weather landscape. With an average wind speed of 69.2 km/h and gusts reaching up to 83.7 km/h, we were reminded of the power of Mother Nature. The average wind speed for the month was 8.9 km/h.

Sunshine Hours in Tielt 

Despite the fluctuating conditions, the sun managed to break through, totaling 76.8 hours of sunshine throughout the month. These moments of clear weather provided welcome relief amidst gloomy days.

Air Quality 

MeteoTielt - Weather Station Tielt closely monitors the air quality in Tielt. Through the use of advanced measuring instruments and technologies, it is possible to register and monitor the air quality in real-time.

February 2024 was a month of contrasts, reminding us of the diversity and power of the weather. As we prepare for the arrival of spring, we look forward to what the next month has meteorologically in store. Stay tuned to MeteoTielt for the latest news and updates on the weather in our region.

Overview of Tielt weather station

  • Maximum temperature: 16,3 degrees
  • Minimum Temperature: 2,9 degrees
  • NPrecipitation: 118,09 mm
  • Wind speed: 69,2 km/h, with gusts up to 83,7 km/h

Special days in Tielt

  • Number of tropical days (30 °C or more) this month: 0 days
  • Number of summer days (25 °C or more) this month: 0 days
  • Number of warm days (20 °C or more) this month: 0 days
  • Number of frost days (minimum below 0 °C) this month: 0 days
  • Number of ice days (maximum below 0 °C) this month: 0 days
  • Number of precipitation days this month: 21 days

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